FoundSM ROI Calculator
This tool helps you assess the return on investment for your media campaigns.

The FoundSM ROI calculator is a free tool to help you estimate the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for a media campaign. The tool can also be used to help estimate channel-specific ROAS or a blended ROAS across multiple channels based on average costs-per-click (CPC) and conversion rates.

Projected Monthly Budget

How much you plan to spend on your marketing campaign during a given month.

Estimated Cost Per Click

Historical estimates for past campaigns can be used or new estimates can often be provided through the publisher campaign tools or industry publications.

Estimated Conversion Rate

Landing page visits-to-conversion rates. The best resource for this is your analytics reporting, assuming that conversion tracking is already set up on your site or landing pages.

Average Revenue Per Sale

The average value you receive from selling your product or service to an average customer.

Lead to Customer Rate

For ecommerce or direct sales, enter in 100% here. Otherwise, this is the rate at which a lead converts to a sale from your campaign or website.


Number of Clicks

Number of Leads

Number of Customers

Cost Per Lead

Value per Lead

Expected Revenue

Expected Profit

Return on Ad Spend

This is the expected return on your marketing dollars (0% represents breakeven).
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Keep in Mind

This report is designed to give your team an idea of the return on your marketing investments. However, it does not address other aspects of campaigns that need to be considered. For example, channel mix, seasonality, variance in publisher performance, diminishing returns and accurate benchmarks often need to be factored in.

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